Futsal translated as Indoor Football or Lounge  Football originated in Uruguay. The sport is played in most South American & European Countries. Futsal is growing day by day and taking England by storm. Moss Bank Greens are embracing Futsal to the fullest creating technically gifted players with the ability to make quick decisions under pressure. Futsal is a 5 a side game, played on a hard court or surface, played with a smaller heavier ball, with unlimited roll on roll off subs, with 4 second time restrictions to encourage quick play, creativity, ball control, enhances decision making , and the ability to pass & move in small spaces. Over the past 3 seasons in the foundation stage Moss Bank Greens have concentrated on Mastering the Ball, using repetitive unaposed ball manipulation skills, always using both feet, which enables the players to be comfortable & confident on the ball. During training sessions we encourage 1v1 s again growing confidence to beat a player, 2v2s to be creative using a team mate, always ending in small sided games to encourage more time on the ball. As the Moss Bank Greens are now in the u11s and technically confident on the ball, we have started to introduce the tactical side of Futsal learning how to defend & attack  as a team using different formations, runs & rotations. Futsal has been a huge advantage to our football as the players now bring there quick play and creativity to the pitch. Also enabling the players to rotate positions on the field. To see our players have the confidence to always play out from the back and play to the lines no big kicks !! no seeing it out of play !! having the ability to beat a player and move the ball on is amazing. Futsal has had a huge positive impact on our team and will continue to do so in the future. Looking to develop technically creative at Moss Bank JFC.