Dear Members

We write to you amidst the unprecedented COVID-19 major crisis that is affecting all our lives daily and the whole world. As the Senior Management of the club we are all aware of the difficulties around social distancing and the lockdown guidelines issued by the government. This is having an impact upon families income and finances. We do not know when we will be able to go about our daily lives at this time and how long this could be. Because of this we as a committee are considering all ways to minimise the club expenditure. The following survival plan of Moss Bank JFC will be implemented so that we can protect the clubs future and not have the unthinkable of our great club not being able to function and provide the grassroots football for all our members when the time comes to start again. The stark reality is the unthinkable and that years of hard work and volunteering to make the club established and thriving is completely lost.

1.The Club will go into hibernation to minimise costs

2. All expenditures cease except our 12 acre site facility costs on The Pavilion, Captains Clough, Inside Park and Barlow Park.

3. June 2020 will be the last monthly subscriptions

4. The club will continue following FA and Government Guidelines.


Following the conclusion of the winter training the clubs finances are at the lowest ebb. This will be the case of every club in grassroots football but with ours we use Ladybridge High School, Westhoughton High School and Smithills full size gym which cover from October to April every year. Winter training is a massive cost. Due to this and following FA guidelines we cancelled all training facilities from the 17th March 2020 and this will be clarified in the March invoice due in April. We have also stopped all club expenditure we can but there are ongoing facility costs associated with our own 12 acre site at Moss Bank Pavilion, Captains Clough, Inside Park and Barlow Park that cannot be avoided due to terms of the clubs lease agreements from Bolton Council. We have to maintain the 12 acre site otherwise we lose the use. Grass pitch maintenance particularly through Spring and Summer is the most important one. We cut and maintain our pitches during this time weekly and this has been evident throughout last year with our pitches being in great condition and the best they have ever been. This comes at a cost. Therefore, after close analysis and planning the club will have enough funds to survive once the June monthly subscriptions have been received. This will allow the club to meet its commitments until the new grassroots football season 2020/21.


The club operates 2 subscriptions formats – subs can be paid upfront of £240 for 12 months, or monthly £20 a month subscriptions set out over a 12 month period July to June. So for those paying monthly there are 2 payments remaining (May and June) which represents 20% of the subscription. The club acknowledges that whilst the monthly payments were entered in good faith, by both members and the club, some members may now have an issue paying the final 2 monthly subscriptions. If this is the case please contact Marcus Howarth on or ring him on 07536088253. Therefore, following receipt of the June subscription the club will suspend all payments automatically via iteammate and GoCardless – no action is needed by yourselves. For those with standing orders please suspend these with your bank after the June payment.


Due the Social Distancing the club is effectively in hibernation until such time that we can start playing, training and watching the games we all love. Unfortunately, the following club activities are cancelled until further notice:

  1. Training Sessions
  2. Matches and Friendlies
  3. Presentation Day
  4. Our own club end of season Tournaments
  5. AGM

We thank you all for your ongoing support through these difficult times and we do want a club to come back to. Without your support we will not have this. We want all our children to play football but never in our lifetime have we experienced anything like this! We will be following FA and Government guidelines and hope to return soon. We will be opening all our pitches up on return for training, friendlies and tournaments the first weekend the FA and Government allow us to. Please keep updated about all club related information via Twitter: @mossbankjfc Instagram: @officialmossbankjfc FaceBook: Moss Bank JFC and our website:

Yours in football

The Senior Management Committee